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What Volunteers Say

Together, we cleared loads of rubbish from the woods and the streambed, helping to make our neighborhood a prettier place to be. We had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones. And, we got to feel part of something bigger than ourselves. What can I say? Tidy Towns has me hooked.

Seems like every start to the adventure is the same–following breadcrumbs until we find something wickedly mysterious along the trail. There is always something marvelous waiting to pull me from frustrated funk to reverie when collecting for Tidy Towns.

I don’t know why I find that so sensorily delightful; I know I should be repulsed. It’s the thrill of the hunt, I suppose, making me feel like the classic gold doubloon seeker whose shovel makes an unremarkable swishy swashy sound in the sand until it thrillingly clinks upon a treasure chest.

Have fun and make a difference!

By participating in Tidy Towns, you’ll be helping to create a better community for future generations to enjoy. Your efforts can have a lasting impact on the local area for years to come.

Working Together

People of any age are able to volunteer with Tidy Towns. It brings families closer together, reunites old friendships and kindles new ones, and brings together people of multiple generations for a common purpose. 

Learn New Skills

You may have the opportunity to learn new skills such as gardening, landscaping, or organizing community events.