Dungarvan, Home of the Greenway & Green ways.

Tidy Towns is a nation-wide endeavour to support local communities in their efforts to enhance the aesthetic and inherent attractiveness of their surroundings. As encouragement, there has been an annual competition between participating towns, villages, and cities since 1958

What We Do

The Dungarvan Tidy Towns volunteers strive to promote the environmental and economic development of Dungarvan while protecting , maintaining and celebrating its unique habitats, diverse community and rich cultural heritage. We meet every week for a rousing litter pick, as well as teaming up with assorted community organizations for special projects throughout the year. It’s a fun group with a fanatic purpose.


Nestled in a bay on the south east coast of Ireland, Dungarvan sits at the mouth of the Colligan river as it enters Dungarvan Harbour SPA, an important wetland area protected for its unique flora and variety of migratory waterbirds. This thriving market town has a long and rich history carefully preserved in the local community run Waterford County Museum.

Visitors and locals alike enjoy hiking, biking and scenic drives along the Waterford Greenway, St. Declan’s Way, the Comeragh Mountain Drive, or take to the high seas for some fishing or dolphin and whale watching.